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Material factors of carbon steel seamless pipe

Posted on 2017/09/12
(1)Heavy important structural importance of industrial structures, large span structures, high-rise or high-rise housing structure or structures, etc. (1) the structure, consider choosing good quality seamless steel tubes, general industrial and civil construction, according to the general nature of the work were selected quality seamless steel tubes.

(2) Dynamic load cases directly bear the load of the structure and the structure of a strong earthquake zone should be used in good overall performance of seamless steel tubes; generally withstand static loads of the structure can opt for a lower price of seamless steel tubes.

(3) the connection method will produce welding deformation welding process, welding stress and other welding defects, leading to the presence of dangerous structural cracks or brittle fracture. Thus, the welded structure requirements of the material should be more stringent.

(4) the temperature at which the structure and the environment, seamless steel pipe is cold crisp cold easily, so the structure of the work at low temperatures, especially in welded structures, should be used in killed steel has good resistance to low temperature brittle fracture properties. In addition, the open structure of seamless steel pipe prone to aging, harmful media effects seamless steel susceptible to corrosion, fatigue and fracture, should be distinguished selection of different materials.

(5) the thickness of seamless steel pipe, seamless pipe rolling thin more often, rolling compression ratio is small, so a large thickness precision steel strength is not only smaller than large, large thickness seamless steel compression, and ductility, impact toughness and welding performance is poor. Therefore, the large thickness of the welded structure should be used better materials seamless steel tubes.

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