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Finned tube main process features

Posted on 2019/08/14
In order to improve the heat exchange efficiency, a finned tube is added to the surface of the heat exchange tube to increase the inner/outer surface area of ​​the heat exchange tube, and the heat exchange tube is a fin tube.
finned tube main process features: strong anti-corrosion performance;
Good wear resistance;
Low contact thermal resistance;
High stability;
Strong dustproof ability.
The main products: high-frequency welded finned tube, seamless finned tube, industrial finned tube, finned tube heat exchanger, heat pipe, heat pipe heat exchanger and so on.

High-frequency welding spiral finned tube is one of the most widely used spiral finned tubes, and it is a highly efficient energy-saving heat exchange component recognized at home and abroad. High-frequency welded spiral finned tubes are widely used in petrochemical, machinery, metallurgy, rubber, printing and dyeing, medicine, food, power plants, passenger cars, drying and other industries for heating and heat dissipation. They are cracking furnaces, reforming furnace convection sections, and air preheating. The most ideal heat exchange element in the technology of economizers, economizers, heat exchangers, crystallizers, radiators and heat pipes.
Carbon steel high-frequency welded finned tubes are widely used in the petrochemical industry, such as heat exchange in asphalt tanks; boilers and auxiliary machinery industries, such as finned tube economizers, air preheaters, waste heat boilers, resulting in residual heat of oil furnaces Utilization; power industry, such as boiler air preheater, waste heat boiler, etc.; machinery manufacturing industry, such as equipment coolers use finned tube type; consumer market, such as greenhouse heating, industrial plant heating finned tube radiator.

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