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What factors affect the price of heat exchangers?

Posted on 2022/06/17
What factors affect the price of heat exchangers?
A heat exchanger (also known as a heat exchanger or heat exchange equipment) is a device used to transfer heat from a hot fluid to a cold fluid to meet specified process requirements. It is an industrial application of convective heat transfer and heat conduction. Heat exchangers can be classified in different ways. According to its operation process, it can be divided into three categories: partition type, hybrid type, regenerative type (or regenerative type); according to the compactness of its surface, it can be divided into two types: compact type and non-compact type.

Finned Tube Heat Exchanger
A heat exchanger is a device that transfers part of the heat of a hot fluid to a cold fluid, also known as a heat exchanger. Heat exchangers are general-purpose equipment in chemical, petroleum, power, food and many other industrial sectors, and play an important role in production. In chemical production, heat exchangers can be used as heaters, coolers, condensers, evaporators and reboilers, etc., and are more widely used.
There are many types of heat exchangers, but according to the principle and method of heat exchange between cold and hot fluids, they can be basically divided into three categories: partition type, hybrid type and regenerative type. Among the three types of heat exchangers, the partition wall heat exchanger is the most widely used. Types of partition heat exchangers.
First of all, the material of the stainless steel heat exchanger is one factor that affects price fluctuations. The price of stainless steel fluctuates from time to time. Generally, the quotation given by the manufacturer has a cycle, which is valid during the cycle. Therefore, the price of steel affects the price of heat exchanger equipment.

heat exchange equipment
Secondly, the geographical distribution of stainless steel heat exchanger manufacturers affects the price setting. Why do you say this way? The labor cost in different regions is different. Compared with a manufacturer in Shandong, the cost of a manufacturer in Shanghai is definitely different.
Third, the size of the stainless steel heat exchanger determines the price. If an enterprise attaches great importance to quality and service, the cost space added to the price will also increase. If the enterprise does not attach great importance to it, then the added cost will be very low. But from the perspective of agency or procurement, an enterprise without after-sales is an irresponsible enterprise.

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