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The heat dissipation performance of the finned tube heater is not good. Is there any good solution?

Posted on 2022/06/17
The heat dissipation performance of the finned tube heater is not good. Is there any good solution?
Usually what we call a finned tube heater is composed of baffles, fins, seals, and guide fins. However, many people who have actually used it have responded that the finned tube heater sometimes has poor heat dissipation when it is used. How to solve it?
Reasons for poor heat dissipation of finned tube heaters.

Finned tube heater
1: There is dust on the surface
If the environment where the finned tube heater is placed is not good, there is a lot of dust, and the staff usually neglects to clean it, so a lot of dust and impurities accumulate on the finned tube heater, forming a thick layer of dust accumulation , thus affecting the heat dissipation.

Finned Tube Heat Exchanger
2: The placement is wrong
If the finned tube heater is placed in a very closed environment, or not at the air inlet, the heating efficiency of the finned tube heater will also decrease, because the heat and cold are not circulating, and the heat energy only accumulates in one place
3: The service life is too long
The finned tube heater also has a service life. If the radiator in the factory has been used for more than 10 years, the seal of the main pipe will be aged, or it will be damaged by sharp objects during use, which will affect the The thermal circulation system of the finned tube heater results in poor heat dissipation of the finned tube heater.
Stainless steel finned tube

Two: how to solve it?
1: Regular cleaning
For industrial plants with more dust like iron and steel plants, when using finned tube radiators, the dust on them should be cleaned regularly, and the oxide film above should be cleaned off with cleaning agent in time, so that the finned tube radiator can play its role. The maximum heat dissipation effect can also prolong the service life of the finned tube heater.

Carbon steel finned tube
2: Correct placement
Place the finned tube heater in the correct position in the factory, under the vent, under the window, and under the exhaust port, but it cant be placed in a place where the air is not ventilated and relatively closed, so that the hot and cold air cannot be formed. Convection, the finned tube heater will not be able to heat the cold air normally.

Copper finned tube
3: Replace in time
For old finned tube heaters that have reached their service life, they can be replaced in time. Old finned tube heaters not only have phenomena such as collapse and air leakage, but also greatly reduce the efficiency of heat dissipation, resulting in double waste of resources and costs, and intangible economic losses to the factory.
The finned tube heater has a simple production process, low cost and good heat dissipation effect, so it is widely used in all walks of life. As long as we place it in the correct position, clean and maintain it regularly, the use of the finned tube heater can be extended. Longevity, contribute to the production and development of the enterprise!

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