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What is the function of finned tube?

Posted on 2024/07/04
Finned tube, also known as fin pipe.

The fin tubes for heat exchangers is a unique heat transfer element formed by machining many fins on the surface of the original tube (whether on the outer or inner surface) to extend the original surface.

The main function of finned tube is to improve heat transfer efficiency.
fin tubes for heat exchanger-Datang Fin Tube

By adding fins to the surface of the heat exchanger tube, the finned tube significantly increases the external surface area of the heat exchanger tube, thereby improving heat transfer efficiency.

This design allows heat to be transferred more quickly from one medium to another, effectively improving the heat dissipation performance of the equipment. The principle of action of the finned tube includes:

Increase heat transfer efficiency: By increasing the heat transfer area, finned tubes allow heat to be transferred more quickly and efficiently.

Expanding the heat dissipation area: Finned tubes have a large heat dissipation area, which can effectively dissipate heat into the surrounding environment.

finned pipe,fin tube manufacturing company

Enhanced Heat Transfer: The structural design of the finned tube allows for turbulence in the flow of the heat transfer medium inside the tube, which enhances heat transfer.

Increase the reliability of the equipment: finned tube is made of high quality materials with high corrosion and abrasion resistance, which can adapt to all kinds of harsh working environments and improve the reliability and stability of the equipment.

As an efficient heat transfer element, finned tube is widely used in various heat transfer equipment and systems, such as heating and cooling applications in industrial production, cooling towers, refrigeration equipment, dryer applications, and sterilizing equipment in the pharmaceutical industry .

Finned tubes are also widely used in many fields such as energy, chemical industry, environmental protection, etc., such as in solar collectors , biomass power generation systems, heat exchangers for reactors, and heat recovery systems for waste gas and waste water.


fin tube Inspection and Packing-finned tube suppliers Datang Fin Tube

1) Supply raw material certificate, quality guarantee, Mill Test Certificate
2 ) Three Inspection : raw material ,pressure,measurement of size , package and finishing
3) Warranty period: within one year after receipt of the goods
4) Packing with Plastic Mat, Waterproof Paper , drying agent/desiccant and plastic cap
For light ,short fin tubes ,we use exporting wooden case
For heavy, long fin tubes ,we use iron frame wooden case
On the top of the package ,we weld more square steel to protect the package

Customer factory inspection
fin tube Customer factory inspection-fin tubes for heat exchangers
fin tube manufacturing company

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