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Finned Tube

Product: Finned Tube

Fin Tube-Welded aluminum fin tube
How long is the service life of welded aluminum finned tube?
The mechanical suit fins are carried out on the fin suit machine. Because the fin is pressed by mechanical impact force or liquid pressure, the pressure is large, so a large amount of interference can be used. The binding strength between fins and tubes is high and it is not easy to loosen. The productivity of the machine is high, but the noise is big, the safety is bad, and the working conditions of the workers are not good. Although the hydraulic transmission does not have the above problems, but the equipment price is more expensive, the technical requirements for the use of maintenance personnel are higher, and its productivity is lower.
Application: Heat Exchangers, Boiler Ecomomizers, Coolers and Heaters.

fin tube

The guide of welded aluminum finned tube to flue gas overcomes the Carmen eddy current, and combs the distribution of ash to make it evenly distributed in flue gas. Stable heat transfer performance. As a heating surface, the temperature fluctuation of boiler exhaust gas has little change in many years (no soot blowing) operation, and there is no tube explosion of economizer. Long service life. Under the same operating conditions (coal quality, temperature, heating surface position), the guaranteed life of welded aluminum fin tube is more than 2 times of that of smooth tube. Generally, the service life of smooth tube is 3-4 years, and the service life of welded aluminum fin tube is at least 7-8 years.
Although the contact thermal resistance of high frequency welding fins is small, the area of fins is limited and the heat transfer of fins is poor. Therefore, the overall thermal efficiency of welded aluminum fin tube is not high. Except for some special processes, it is seldom used in general. Therefore, it is not suitable to apply high frequency welded aluminum fin tube heat exchanger to air cooler.

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