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Gas Cylinder Tube/gas Cylinder Pipe

Item: Gas cylinder tube, Gas cylinder pipe,High pressure cylinder pipe, High pressure cylinder tube
Grade: 30CrMo, 34CrMo4, 30Mn2V, 35CrMo, 37Mn, 16Mn, etc
Outside Diameter: 127-299mm
WT: 4.5-16mm
Length: 5.8m, 6m, or as required
Surface: Black painted, PE coated, Galvanized, Varnished, HDPE, etc
Export to: Iran, India, Saudi Arabia, USA, Peru, Singapore, Korea, Dubai, Indonesia, Ukraine, Thailand, Spain, South Africa, South Korea, Canada, etc
Our gas cylinder pipes has Best quality with low cost and short delivery. Welcome to contact for more details.

Item gas cylinder pipe,gas cylinder tube
Standard GB18248-2000,ASTMA335, A369, A213, A209, A250, GB5310, GB6479, GB9948, JISG3462, Etc
Grade 30CrMo,34CrMo4,30Mn2V,35CrMo,37Mn,16Mn,etc
Outside diameter 127-299mm
Wall thickness 4.5-16mm
Length 5.8m, 6m, or as required.
Surface mill,varnished,black coated,NACE,Galvanized ,PE,HDPE,3PE,etc
Export to Iran, Dubai, India, Singapore, USA, UK, Indonesia, Korea, Viet Nam, Holland, Saudi Arabia, Ukraine, Ireland, Canada, Ukraine, Kuwait, Oman, Canada, Russia, Mexico, Peru, Chile,etc
Application gas cylinder tube applies to petroleum, chemical industry, electric power, boiler, high temperature resistant, low temperature resistant, corrosion resistant. The size can
be made according to the customers requirements.
Contact If you have any question,please feel free to contact me.
My email number:8618131707321
we are sure your inquiry or requirements will get prompt attention.

Production range and characteristics of gas cylinder tubes

Common standards for seamless tubes for gas cylinders are GB/T18248-2008, JIS G3429, technical agreement
Waiting for the seamless steel tubes for gas cylinders supplied by our company, we currently use the technical agreement signed with customers to supply.
To meet the needs of different customers for dimensional accuracy, chemical composition and mechanical properties.
Ø Common materials:
Ø High quality carbon steel series
Ø 37Mn (37Mn/1 normalizing gas cylinder, 37Mn/2 modulating gas cylinder, 37Mn/3 normalizing gas cylinder), similar to
Ø 30CrMo, similar to JIS STH21
Ø 35CrMo, similar to JIS STH22
Ø 34Mn2V, similar to JIS STH11, ST12
Ø 34CrMo4, quoted in EN10297-1, similar to JIS

The cylinder steel types are mainly Mn steel series, CrMo steel series, high-quality carbon steel gas cylinder tubes and accumulator tubes. At present, the tubes for thin-walled gas cylinders can also be supplied in annealed state or cold drawn + + annealing.

Common gas cylinder tube production specifications:
Ø 127* * 4.5: 140* * 4.5; 152* * 4.5
Ø 165* * 4.6; 178* * 4.6; 178* * 4.8; 203* * 5.4, 204* * 5.4
Ø 219* * 5.0; 219* * 5.7
Ø 229* * 5.5; 229* * 5.7; 229* * 6.2; 229* * 11.9
Ø 232* * 5.4; 232* * 5.8; 235* * 5.8
Ø 267* * 6.0; 267* * 6.1; 267* * 6.3; 267* * 6.6; 267* * 6.8; 267* * 7.9
Ø 279* * 6.0; 279* * 6.3; 279* * 7.0; 279* * 7.8;
Ø 299* * 14; 299* * 16

Big Caliber Seamless Steel Tube for Gas Cylinders
ASTM A519-------American Materials and Testing Institution Standard
GB18248-----------China National Standard
Steel Material: 4130X
Usage: Seamless steel tube for gas cylinders.

Type of pipe Outer diameter Walll thickness
Hot rolled seamless pipe OD (mm) tollerance WT (mm) tolerance
559 ±1.0% 17.0 0~+25%

Mechanical Properties:

standard Steel grade Tensile strength(Mpa) Bend strength(Mpa) Bend ratio Elongation (%) Impact energy Akv(J) Hardness
Q/321088HGB3 4230X 725~865 485~735 ≤0.85 ≥20 -40ºC≥40 195~269HB

Chemical composition:

standard Steel grade        Chemical composition (%)
C Si Mn P S Cr Ni Cu Mo V
4130X 0.25~0.35 0.15~0.35 0.4~0.9 ≤0.02 0.01 0.8~1.1 ≤0.25 ≤0.2 0.15~0.25 ≤0.8

Features of gas cylinder tube:
Tube billet: electric furnace (or converter) + + refining outside the furnace + + killed steel smelted by vacuum degassing process; gas cylinder
The material belongs to the personal and equipment safety and its important materials.
The purity of wood has high requirements.
Steel pipe: produced by hot rolling method. The gas cylinder tube has a thin wall thickness and a large amount of rolling deformation.
The internal and external quality requirements are strict, the dimensional accuracy is high, and the hot rolling production is more difficult
Features. The resistance to deformation during hot rolling is large, and it is easy to damage the roll and the mandrel. The outer surface is painted,
The requirements on the outer surface of steel pipes are extremely high. Since gas cylinders are constantly filled with gas or liquid, in order to
Improve the service life of gas cylinders, and have extremely high requirements on the inner surface

Non-destructive testing:
Double flaw detection is carried out on each pipe, that is, magnetic flux leakage plus ultrasonic flaw detection or eddy current plus
Ultrasonic inspection.
Eligibility criteria:
Magnetic flux leakage detection conforms to GB/T12606-L2 grade, and ultrasound conforms to GB/T5777-L2 grade
Physical and chemical test: composition, non-metallic inclusions, sample heat treatment performance test,
Ensure that all indicators meet customer requirements.

Hot-rolled gas cylinder tube process control:
1. Dynamically monitor the rolling process in real time to ensure a smooth and controllable rolling process.
2. The process design takes into account the lubrication of the mandrel, the inspection of the upper and lower mandrels and the online inspection to ensure the quality of the mandrel.
Also guarantee the inner surface quality.
3. A high-pressure water descaling device is installed on the population side of the continuous rolling mill and sizing machine to improve the outer surface quality of the steel pipe.
4. After perforation, the inner surface is sprayed with borax to prevent oxidation of the inner surface and improve the quality of the inner surface.
5. When producing gas cylinder tubes in the hot zone, the tooling and die are given priority protection, and the frequency of intermediate inspection is strengthened to ensure the quality of hot rolling.
6. Cold zone finishing and flaw detection procedures, all rails and material pick-up devices are pre-checked and packaged to prevent scratches in the cold zone.
7. Steel pipes are packed with steel belts to prevent loose packing or scratches.
8. When the steel pipes are stacked on site, they are all stacked with I-shaped steel racks or height-limiting measures are taken to prevent the load-bearing deformation of the steel pipes.
9. When the steel pipe is shipped, it is required to pack the protective fence of the vehicle to be shipped, and to confirm with the three parties to prevent the steel pipe from being hit.

We adopt advanced production technology and first-class processing equipments, such as heat treatment furnace, straightening machine, centerless grinding machine, polishing machine, as well as lathing and milling machine etc.
Ultrasonic flaw detection (UT)
Equipment group range :
OD: 114.3-339.72mm
WT: 4-40mm (D/S≥5))
Ultrasonic flaw detection longitudinal (Ultrasonic flaw detection longitudinal (L) + horizontal (T
)) + Thickness measurement (WT); tube end blind zone approx. ); tube end blind zone approx.
400mm. Without layering (. Without layering (

Equipment group range :
OD: 60.3-244.5mm
WT: 3.5-45mm
Ultrasonic flaw detection longitudinal (Ultrasonic flaw detection longitudinal (L) + horizontal (T) +
Thickness measurement (thickness measurement (WT) + stratification (Lamination)); the tube end blind zone is about; the tube end blind zone is about 200mm.

Magnetic leakage testing (EMI/MFL)
Group distance range:
OD: 114.3-339.72mm
WT: 4-35mm
Magnetic leakage detection longitudinal (L) + transverse (T),
Wall thickness about 16mm can only detect trauma; tube
The end blind zone is about 400mm.
Group distance range :
OD: 60.3-244.5mm
WT: 3.5-20mm
Magnetic leakage detection longitudinal (L) + transverse (T),
Wall thickness greater than 16mm can only detect trauma; tube
The end blind zone is about 200mm.

High-frequency induction hardening guarantees the surface hardness and optimum strength of the material, which makes the shaft highly durable and resistant to abrasion. We can supply several conditions as follows:
1, Hard chrome plated (surface without heat treatment)
2, High-frequency induction hardened hard chrome plated
3,Quenched and Tempered
4,Induction hardened with Q&T
Centerless grinding
Our grinding lines work at high processing speeds with optimum efficiency. Depending on material and diameter requirements, surface qualities with roughness specifications up to Ra 0.2 µm can be obtained.
Surface treatment
By hard chrome plating, your components obtain a high resistance to corrosion and wear. This means high endurance over the entire life of the product. Usually, the thickness of hard chrome plating is 10μm ~ 15μm.Resistance in front salt spray (fog) test environment according to the ASTM B-117-97 could be 36 hours.
We can guarantee you mirror-like polished surfaces with our optimal finish grinding method - without material loss.
Backed ourselves with the talented personnel, we have emerged as one of the leading firms indulged in offering superior quality piston rods. The vital parameters of piston rod such as the diameter tolerance, straightness, surface hardness, chrome layer thickness, as well as surface roughness all meet the industry standards.
After rigorous inspection, the last important thing is safe packing. Anti-rust oil is to be sprayed on rod surface and each rod is to be packed in paper sleeve and then in wooden box.

Our service
Make production according to customers specific requirements strictly.
Accept inspection during the production or before shipment.
Provide the original copy of MTC(Mill testing certificate)
Provide the standard seaworthy packing.
Arrange the most professional shipment.

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