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Aluminum extrusion finned tube custom processing
Aluminum extruded finned tube bimetal rolled composite finned tube consists of a base tube and fins wrapped around it. The base tube is usually a carbon steel tube, a stainless steel tube or a copper tube. The aluminum tube is extruded into fins, and a thin base layer is formed on the outside of the base tube to tightly wrap the base tube. The production methods of bimetallic steel aluminum finned tubes mainly include welding method and rolling method. The enhanced heat transfer of fins, the main performance requirements of composite fins and composite fin tubes are also introduced in detail.

Aluminum extrusion finned tube

Radiator varieties are wound type: steel GL type, SRZ type; copper: S type, U type; steel pipe wound aluminum type: TLS type air conditioner surface cooler, heater; steel finned tube, stainless steel finned tube , Copper finned tubes, aluminum finned tubes, copper-aluminum finned tubes.

Bimetal rolled composite finned tube
At the same time, we design and manufacture various non-standard radiators and drying equipment for customers. Design and development of industry-specific radiators:
1. Special radiator for dyestuff, chemical industry and pesticide drying.
2. Special radiator for paper machine, printing machine and coating machine.
3. Radiators for printing and dyeing, dyeing and finishing, and drying machines.
4. The heating section of the central air conditioner and the radiator for the cooling section.
5. The radiator is used for starch air-filled drying.
6. Special radiator for cigarette tobacco drying.
7. Radiators for drying dairy products and milk powder.
8. Special radiator for wood drying kiln.
9. Special radiator for food drying.
10. Special radiator for vegetable dehydration and drying.
11. Special radiator for beer malt drying and refrigeration.

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