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Steel Aluminum finned tubes are generally made of pressure-resistant base tubes (such as carbon steel tubes, stainless steel tubes, copper tubes) and aluminum tubes are cold-rolled and composited on a special machine tool, which overcomes the shortcomings of aluminum and other metals that cannot be welded. Steel Aluminum finned tube, copper-aluminum composite finned tube, rolled finned tube, bimetallic finned tube. It utilizes the pressure resistance of the base tube and the efficient heat transfer of aluminum; the plasticity highlights the process characteristics of the two materials.
Steel Aluminum finned tube is a new type of energy-saving and high-efficiency product in recent years, and all performance indicators are better than welded tube, sleeved tube, wound tube, and light tube. Widely used in chemical machinery, drying heat dissipation and other fields. It is composed of composite aluminum fins outside the steel pipe, the thickness of the fins is 0.4 mm, the heat dissipation efficiency is high, and it does not fall off. The pipe diameter can be made according to customer requirements. The manufacturing process is advanced. It is made of steel and aluminum tubes combined and rolled on a special machine tool, so that the steel base tube and the aluminum fins are closely combined. It has small thermal resistance, good heat transfer performance, high strength, small flow loss, and anti- It has the advantages of strong corrosion performance and long working life.

Steel Aluminum Finned Tubes
The advantages of Steel Aluminum finned tubes:
(1) Light weight. The specific gravity of aluminum is the smallest among the commonly used non-ferrous metals and ferrous metals, and the fin material of light metal determines that the heat exchanger made of it has the characteristics of light weight;
(2) High heat transfer performance. Compared with silver and copper, the cost is lower and the cost performance is higher. Objects with good thermal conductivity tend to absorb heat quickly and dissipate heat quickly;
(3) The air resistance is small. After the bimetal finned tube is processed and formed, the fin surface is smooth and wrinkle-free. Air can easily penetrate from within the fin spacing;

Steel Aluminum Finned Tubes
(4) Low contact thermal resistance. Practice has proved that the contact thermal resistance of the bimetallic finned tube is almost zero in the working environment below 210 degrees. Low contact thermal resistance is the performance guarantee for efficient heat transfer;
(5) The heat dissipation area is large. The finning ratio of bimetal fins can reach a maximum of 22.7. The unit heat dissipation area is much larger than that of conventional winding heat pipes;
(6) Long service life. During the processing of the bimetallic finned tube, the base tube and the aluminum fins are tightly combined into one. And a 0.5mm thick coating layer is formed on the surface of the base pipe to protect the base pipe from contact with the external ambient air, which can improve the service life;
(7) The Steel Aluminum finned tube is also not easy to dust and scale. It is easy to clean and remove surface water, has good resistance to temperature changes, and can maintain good heat transfer performance for a long time.

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